Beezie Madden and Simon in the lead after the first round WC Finals

Kevin Staut in second 

Mclain Ward third

Steve Guerdat in fourth

Someone asked me to post the video of Beezie Madden and Cortes C’s “crash”.
It wasn’t a crash he just swam through the top of first element of the triple, an oxer. He jumped the second element as Beezie hung on and she pulled out from the third. Here was the result.

Happy to report that once they got a new pole in she redid the triple just fine and finished the course.

Marcus Ehning & Copin van de Broy
-Molly Sorge

Kevin Staut & Silvana
-Molly Sorge

Richard Spooner & Cristallo
-Molly Sorge

Margie Engle & Indigo
-Molly Sorge

Beezie Madden & Cortes C
- Molly Sorge

They scared the crap out of me today when he just swam through the first oxer in the triple of the fourth round. Broke he pole and she barely managed to hang on as he took the second element.

Kent Farrington & Uceko
-Molly Sorge

Monte Bellini is so adorable
-taken by Molly Sorge

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