I am getting my first horse soon and I want to get him started on SmartPaks so when hes going on the new grain should the smartpaks be added in slowly at the same time or should I wait till he is used to the new grain then start added them in?

I’d wait until he’s settled in on the new grain. A move is always stressful for a horse, better wait. What supplements are you starting? Does he need them??


Cunningham and Mary Slouka
Found on Eclipse Sporthorses’ website

This is Kazzo and Capezio’s daddy



Voodoo Prince, bay gelding foaled on 9 February 2008, the first foal of European Champion superstar mare Ouija Board, and sired by Kingmambo.

He has won three races, from 17 starts, and finished third six times. His most recent start was in October 2013.

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He and his dam have some awesome names


Kelley Buringa and LPF Woodford

Summer in the Rockies V

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Can you talk about how it works with tipping a groom?

General rule is for a week long show 10-25 dollars per day, per horse.

1 day show usually there’s no tip, just the wage. 


The day off in-between two weeks of showing, more like:

Let’s sleep for 14 hours

Have a nutritional and complete breakfast

Catch up on missed TV

Do copious amounts of laundry

Eat more food

Sleep more

Regret showing for two weeks

Go back to the showpark

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