how do i submit a face reading?

It isn’t open right now

could you explain foxhunting cause i dont understand it at all

Good question…

Basically you get dressed up and a Huntsman sends his pack of hounds out for a scent. You follow said Huntsman and hounds around and when they find a scent they chase the fox to ground and you go on what they call a run.

There is no point or reason other than tradition lol. It can be a lot of fun though!


Struttin #yolo #lfny #cwd photo creds to @katwinter


NAJYRC 2014.

Source: The Chronicle


Source: Tammy Hardy Photography

Getting a horse to carry herself better? (Topline, better tuck?) And like, besides grids

Poles, raised poles, hill work

That will all improve top line. Tuck is grossly misrepresentation it makes me think of a horse behind the bit. If you’re talking about head carriage the head lowers into a more relaxed frame the more the horse’s top line is strengthened and the hind end is engaged underneath themselves properly.

how much does she think hes worth?

Probably around 10ish. I know she was trying to wait to get more, but she’s pushing the sale now.

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