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I’m sure someone posted this but I couldn’t find it

❝ Close your eyes.
From Hook to Jumanji to Dead Poet’s Society
With wonder and fantasy and passion
Your joy became watercolor poetry that filled
in the sun and made people everywhere
believe in themselves and believe in life.
We’ve seen you weep and stand on a desk to view the world differently.
We’ve seen you fight for what you wanted and desired.
Maybe these were just characters, but you brought them to life.
I don’t know your middle name or your wife’s name or how you felt the first moment you realized you were famous or the first time you felt alive,
but I know you were sixty-three when you felt the desks collapse and
the walls close in and suddenly we remembered you were fighting a battle, too.
Suddenly we feel an absence we hadn’t felt before.
Suddenly we feel a sadness we do not know how to describe.
We’re all fighting battles and we realize that with your passing
and we’re sorry you had to leave.
You made us laugh and you made us weep and you made
us stand in our movie theatre seats and raise our fists to a life worth living.
OH CAPTAIN, MY CAPTAIN, we will remember you. ❞


Rest well, Mr. Williams.

Guys I’m really not okay with Robin Williams death. He was legit an incredible person, advocate for Amnesty International and many other amazing groups. It’s a shock to me that one of the funniest men could be so torn inside and I’m sad and anxious and just no.


does anyone else feel like they just lost their favourite uncle


Reblogging this in honor of Robin Williams. Please, if you are battling depression or suicidal thoughts, I desperately urge you to talk to someone. I will listen, and so will the people at this number.


Robin Williams recorded his dialogue for the Genie at the same time - and across the street from - the filming of Schindler’s List, one of the most depressing movies of all time.

After he was done every day, Robin would go across the street to cheer up the cast of Schindler and make them laugh with recordings of his improvised material from that day.

I just thought you all might want to know that story.





Dude, I saw some canary TS at the tack store just the other day…

Yes they’re called Butter. Erin found them as well. They are elusive though, a forgotten color. And TS look strange on me but I’d almost just say fuck it and let it happen if I could find said Butter TS’s near me.

Annie’s USA makes/is making yellow breeches.

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